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Christopher Tufford

Wimbledon White
2019 Shelby GT350
5.2L Voodoo V8 (526hp)
Tremec 6-Speed
Option packages include the handling pack (Gurney flap & adjustable strut top mounts), technology pack, carbon fibre pack, power Recaro seats and the factory car cover.
It also has a K&N air filter and oil separator installed.
This was a barn find to me - bought it used in April '21 but it only had 1881kms at delivery.

Tony Indovina

2012 Mustang GT
Kona Blue
6 speed manual transmission

Tony Perugini

2011 Shelby GT500
Black on Black, SVT Track Pack, Glass Roof, Factory Stripe Delete

Wanted to get a Porsche for my 50th birthday, went to a Porsche Dealer in Vaughan to look at some cars and saw this beauty in the lot, I asked the sales person to fire it up. He said it needed a throat lozenge, so I took it for a road test and the rest is history...

David Laing

2016 GT
435HP 6sp Premium edition. Former Ford executive personal car.
Lake Ontario in the background.

Bert and Shelly Bertolo

2007 Shelby GT500
Black with Silver Stripes
5.4L , 6 spd

Original owner. Just turned 20,000km. Purchased (put on the list) Nov. 2005, was fourth. When it came time to put up money, I became third. The two ahead of me were the guys from RIM (blackberry) and they both purchased convertibles. Mine was one of the first coupes to come to Ontario and the first at Parkway Ford in Waterloo!

Abel Kashani

2015 GT
V8 5.0L
6 Speed Standard
50 Years Appearance Package

I fell in love with Mustang when I saw my first 1965 Mustang (Red) as a young boy, It has been my dream ever since, but it took 50 years before I bought one.

Don and Cindy Larocque

Dark Highland Green
2020 Bullitt
5.0 L
6-speed Manual

I bought this car as a retirement gift to myself. I originally factory-ordered a 2020 Mustang GT in Rapid Red but a couple of weeks into the wait, we were at the dealership and my wife saw a Bullitt. As soon as she sat in it she said “this is the car for you”. I was easily convinced because I’d always been interested in the Bullitt.

So, I canceled the factory order and took delivery of a Bullitt on March 12, 2020. My wife was right . . . and thankfully, for once I listened to her!!

Arthur Baier & Elizabeth Lindsay

2011 Mustang GT/CS Convertible in Performance White

We have added to the stable, this 2011 GT/CS which is also the first year of the 5.0 Coyote engine. We are the third owners of this California Special. Based on the production numbers, the car was 1 of only 10 made with the vinyl convertible top in Performance White. However, according to the GT/CS Registry, she is actually a 1 of 1 car based on all of the factory options.

I have managed to put together quite a bit of paperwork for her including the Certificate of Authenticity issued from Ford Motorsport, the GT/CS Registry Certificate, the Ford window sticker, and a copy of the factory invoice.

In the first year of ownership, she has been to the opening of the Mustang Museum in N.C. on Mustang Day, April 17, 2019, driven to Tucson Arizona and back and has been on many day cruises. This GT/CS is simply a dream to drive!

While I plan to keep her basically stock, the only upgrades I have made are a set of back up beepers, a Love The Drive windscreen and a front air splitter.

Mike Talpas

2013 Boss 302
Performance White
444hp v8
6 spd

Watched Jay Leno on the Laguna Seca ... had to have a boss!! Has 11,000 km on it-newest in Canada I think.
This car is so much fun! Just replaced original P Zero rears with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar3 XL. Track Ready!
Steve Mason - 2016 Shelby GT350

Steve Mason

2016 Shelby GT350

White with twin Blue Shelby stripes

5.2L VooDoo V8 (526hp)

6 speed manual
Steve Mason - 2016 Shelby GT350
John & Marilyn Beaudry - 2018 Mustang Convertible

John & Marilyn Beaudry

2018 Mustang Convertible
Ingot Silver with black cloth seats and interior, 2.3L Ecoboost 6 spd.

Our Mustang is a summer driver only and a true touring car. There are not enough ‘o’s in smooth to describe how this car handles. From cornering and passing to just enjoying the Ontario roadways, Ford has really hit their marks in precision and handling. In September, 2018, the Mustang and I took the ILR Car Control School in Brampton. Whether skid pad, slalom, emergency stopping or figure eights the car was phenomenal in all respects and I came away from the day knowing what it means to really ‘partner with’ the car.

Now retired, we are excited about hours of touring for many years to come throughout Ontario and other provinces. In May, 2019, I hope to take a Track Day course offered by ILR to continue to increase my knowledge of handling techniques and really putting the 6 speeds to work. - Marilyn Beaudry.
John & Marilyn Beaudry - 2018 Mustang Convertible
Frank Malatesta - 2007 Mustang GT

Frank Malatesta

2007 Mustang GT Coupe (Heavily Modified) 835 HP, 840 lbs TQ
Black with Silver Stripes
Ford Racing 5.3L, Big Bore Stroker
Tremec T56 Magnum XL, 6 Speed
Whipple SC, 10 Rib Belt Drive, Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams, Ford Racing CNC Ported Heads, Kook's LT Headers, 4:10 Gears, Mcleod RXT Twin Disc Clutch, Aluminum Drive Shaft, Moroso 7 QT Oil Pan, HD Fluidyne Rad, Plus Much, much more ...
Frank Malatesta - 2007 Mustang GT
Paul Beakman 2011 Mustang GT

Paul Beakman

2011 Mustang GT Premium with a Six Speed, Performance White   

During the summer of 2017, I purchased this 2011 Mustang to help keep the miles low on my 1979 Cobra. I wanted something a bit newer to have some fun and travel with. Plus a full day of driving the Cobra can be a bit rough on the back. This Mustang is all original and unmodified. That is very important to me. The Mustang only had 7400 miles on the odometer and was well optioned. That has now increased to just under 10,000 miles as I bought it to have fun with.

Paul Beakman 2011 Mustang GT
Fred & Kate Barras - 2006 Mustang V6

Fred & Kate Barras

2006 Black Mustang, Pony Package, Automatic.

Dual Exhaust, cold air kit, agent 47 mirrors, SHR window louvers, billet gas door. Cervini Stalker Hood and struts, flat black stripe, tinted windows and front chin spoiler.

Had a blast driving her down to the 50th Celebration in Charlotte.

My dad was a big part of how I got into cars in the first place. At the age of four in 1967 he took me to Speed Sport down at the CNE Automotive Building. He was hoping to get me into Motorcycles as he had a Harley at the time.

I walked in the front doors of that building and saw the custom car The Red Baron and it was all over but for my dad’s tears. When we got home my mom asked how it went to which my father responded, “He’s a Car Guy.”

From then on my father fed that my passion for cars and we never missed Speed Sport till it stopped being presented. So much did he feed that passion that one late night, he woke me up to watch the Late Show and what did I see but the chase scene in Bullet. I went from being a car guy to a Mustang guy in the time it took that fastback to go from 1st to 2nd gear.

I purchased my first Mustang, a black 2006 Pony Package, and have enjoyed being in the GHMA ever since. My dad past away a year ago last February and didn’t get to see me purchase my 65 Coupe Resto Mod, which I intend to take further than it is now. We would have had a blast working on it together.

Fred & Kate Barras - 2006 Mustang V6
Steve Bradley - 2015 Mustang GT
Steve Bradley
2015 Mustang GT
Competition Orange
5 litre
6 speed manual
This is my fourth and by far the best Mustang.
Steve Bradley - 2015 Mustang GT
Sly Gauthier - 2012 Boss 302
Sly Gauthier

2012 Boss 302
Kona Blue
-Kooks long tube headers with custom Kooks X pipe to retain the side quad exhaust.
-Flow master outlaw mufflers…very loud… lol.
-Eibach Lower spring front and rear.
-Laguna Seca Blowfish Brake air ducks.
-Blowfish Tow hook.
-Laguna Seca splitter.
-Black aluminum billet front grill with my 1984 GT350 running horse that I savaged from my totaled car.
-Laguna rear spoiler.
-Tinted light.
-Carbon fiber one pcs drive shaft.
-BMR Upper and lower rear adjustable control arms.
-BMR Hardened pan bars.
-Soon I will have installed a powder coated 6 point roll bars with 3 point harness.
Sly Gauthier - 2012 Boss 302
Ron Cumin - 2005 GT Convertible

Ron Cumin

2005 GT Convertible

Mineral Grey, 5 speed

Flowmaster Mufflers, Sequential taillights

Changed to 18 inch tires on chrome Mustang rims

Always wanted a Mustang since first saw them as a teenager, but could never afford. (Marriage, mortgage, children, etc.)

In 2002, survived a prostate cancer operation and promised myself it was Mustang time – now or never!!!

After recovering, bought a 2005 Mustang, 8 cylinder, GT, 5 speed convertible – LOVE IT

Ron Cumin - 2005 GT Convertible
Chris Langlotz 2015 Mustang Fastback

Chris  Langlotz

2015 Mustang Fastback
Black, V6 Auto
Gold lug nut covers and gold painted calipers with 5 line gold striping on rocker panels Was looking for that late 60’s early 70’s look. Very hard time locating the 3M striping. Found a roll on ebay from a seller in Iowa. (No, it does not pull the sled trailer in background.)

Chris Langlotz 2015 Mustang Fastback
Lorne Robbins 2016 Mustang GT

Lorne Robbins

Oxford White

2016 Mustang GT Premium Fastback / California Special

5.0L, 6 speed manual

This is my first Mustang. I have loved Mustangs ever since high school, when my buddy Jeff would give me a lift home every day in his 1966 hardtop, and I would have to open the choke plate by hand while Jeff cranked the engine to get it started on cold Winter days. A far cry from my push button start!

Lorne Robbins 2016 Mustang GT
Doreen & Hal Henschel - 2012 Boss 302

Doreen & Hal Henschel

2012 Boss 302, Build No. 1157 Flat Rock Michigan

Kona Blue

Std 6 speed with Track Key option

Hobby Mustang
: My doctor told me to get a Mustang to solve my mid-life crisis.

Doreen & Hal Henschel - 2012 Boss 302
Edward Faultless - 2012 Boss 302

Edward Faultless

2012 Boss 302

Race Red & Black

6 speed standard

Torsen helical differential and Recaro seats; Ford Racing lowering springs, Laguna Seca rear seat delete & cross brace; CoolTech LLC roll bar.

Love Mustangs since October 1968 when I drove home from the dealership in my mom's new Candy Apple Red 1969 Sportsroof. Years later it became my first car.

Edward Faultless - 2012 Boss 302
Jamie Watt - 2010 GT Convertible

Jamie Watt

2010 GT Convertible
Black (with white stripes)
4.6 V8, 5 speed manual

Fully loaded premium model inc. factory NAV
Ford racing suspension(sways, springs, control arms & Panhard)
Magnaflow front to back exhaust system, 20" Foundry wheels, Hurst shifter.

Jamie Watt - 2010 GT Convertible