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“Fast & Bumpy” – Go-Karts 2016

Our GHMA annual “Fast & Bumpy” go cart racing event was at the Hamilton Indoor Go-Carts earlier this year. We were only nine strong but a good time was had by all. My back still hurts so I must have had a good time, right Glen?

The top three finishers were Al “Clean & Speedy” Greer, Ryan (I pass you on red light) Bellamy and George (Don’t hit me I’m old) O’Hearn. We won’t tell you who finished last will we Norm. Whenever you can beat Glen Grainger at Go-Carts, you’ve had a good day.


A special thanks to Scott Davis for looking after this for us and hopefully we can get a few more members out next year.

George O’Hearn,


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The “racers”


Al Greer Go-Kart Winner 2016

Al Greer – da winnah!