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Woodward 2022


The 2022 Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise.

August 20th 2022


telephone: +1 248 322 2222   fax: +1 248 322 2321  

2300 Featherstone Road. Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2844, USA


The booking can go From Monday, August , to Sunday.

The GHMA has a special rates for club members, check your email for link and info.

The Beginners Guide to Woodward.
An essential guide for the experienced and newbie alike.
Compiled by Norm M.




Past Event: 2018 Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise wrap up …

Well folks, another Dream Cruise has come and gone and great fun was had by all.

Norm Smart Woodward 2018


I’d like to thank Norm Smart for arranging for our amazing group rate at the Auburn Hills Hilton yet again. Andrew Long for what I hope will be our first ANNUAL Games Night at the Hilton. I know that everyone who participated had a hilarious time. I’d also like to mention Stan Elsdon, Pete Pickering and Norm Malisani for setting up tours to Vanguard Motors and the Stahl Collection.

To all the members who made the trip I hope you had a great time, I know I did and I’m already looking forward to next year.

And to anyone who has ever doubted that Norm Smart is in fact Mister Woodward I give you Mustang and Fords coverage of the Woodward Dream Cruise pictures 71-73. Here he is with his fellow delinquent Howard Sims who spent much of Saturday keeping the water box wet. See link for more on Woodward 2018 –

See you all at the next meeting!

Tyrone Fonseca

GHMA President


Woodward Ave Cruise Part 1 of 2 …


Woodward Ave Cruise Part 2 of 2 …