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2015 Charity Events – Kidney Walk, Toy Drive, Trillium Health


Cars may be our passion, but social responsibility, volunteering and giving back have always been a big part of our club. Members throughout the years have been helping out with different causes & charities.

In 2015 here are a just a few of the many charities members of the GHMA participated in:

1. Kidney Walk foundation – for the past few years members of the GHMA have been walking, collection donations and volunteering to run the BBQ at Erindale Park in Mississauga, Ontario.

In memory of past GHMA member Wilson Rose, his wife Georgina Rose and her group Tikateeboo Stangs raised $4400 in 2015. (The term Tikateeboo was one of Wilson’s favourite sayings. Whenever certain things were going well or something was just right he’d say: “It’s Tikateeboo!”


Georgina Rose helped to raise $4400 and George O’ Hearn helped to raise $1550 and for the Kidney Walk.

(Wilson Rose was the first person I met before joining the GHMA so many years ago. He was an incredible individual – Rob.)



2. We also received a wonderful letter from Trillium Health Partners November 2015 sent to Steve Davidson, here is an excerpt:

“Thank you – two small words that don’t come close to expressing how we at Trillium Health Partners Foundation feel to once again be the recipient of the proceeds of the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Associations’s Car Show in conjunction with Ford. Your incredible support over the years had ensured that the residents of this community have the best resources available to them and have allowed us to achieve our common vision of providing the best in specialized care for our patients.

 The incredible $8000 that you helped raise this year has been directed towards our hospital’s most pressing needs and is greatly appreciated because it gives us the ability to respond quickly and effectively to emerging priorities ….” Kathleen Cymek, Development Officer, Community Initiatives – Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

Click here to see the full letter:




 3. Toy Mountain Drive – On Thursday December 17th 2015 George O’ Hearn, Steve Davidson, Norm Malisini and a few other members attended the Toy Mountain Drive broadcast on CTV news at 6 PM from Ford in Oakville. The GHMA officially presented the toys we collected from you our members at this past Sunday’s meeting.

Toys in Truck SalvationArmyTruck Toys

The “GHMA has been donating toys from our members for about 5 years. This year we collected over 50 toys …  and are donating $500 from the club to buy some more. At about 20 each, that’s another 25 toys.”

Toy Mountain Cheque Toys Parking in lot Norm & George