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GHMA 2019:

Executive & Official Club Contacts


President – Tyrone Fonseca

Past President – George O’ Hearn

Vice President – Marc Plouffe

Past Vice President – Stan Elsdon

Secretary – Mike Barr

Sponsorship – Hal Henschel

Treasurer – Justin Reim

Mosport – Ryan Bellamy

Membership – Al Grier

Stampede – GHMA and GTAMC members

Associate / Apparel – Beverly Reim

Woodward – Norm Smart, Andrew long and many more


Other Contacts & Volunteers

Various roles – Norm Malisani, Scott Davis & Kevin Duncan
Monthly Coffee / Tea – Mario Tulipano
Website – Rob Chong

… and all past and present GHMA members and volunteers not listed – THANK YOU !

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Mustangs are our passion! We drive them, race them, restore them, preserve them and just plain enjoy them.

2013 Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association Members


We’re the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association, a non profit, member driven car club. The GHMA was originally started as a Classic Mustang organization in 1995 by a core group of Classic Mustang enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2009, after several members had joined our club with newer Mustangs, and having hosted the first ever MCA National “all years” Mustang show in Canada, we amended our constitution to include All Years of Mustangs and Shelbys right up to the most current year. We are a very active, growing club and an affiliate of the Mustang Club of America (MCA).


Ford Mustang Club


Mustang Cars- show

We have always appreciated Mustangs of all years, and our shows and events are now inclusive of all generations. Mustang is an icon, not just for Ford Motor Company, but for most car enthusiasts, as one of, if not the longest running continuous car brand. Mustang may not have begun the pony car era; however, it certainly kept it going and does to this day.

Our meetings, which are held at the Canadian Headquarters of Ford Motor Company in Oakville, Ontario, usually include a car related guest speaker and a lot of Mustang conversation. You don’t have to own a Mustang or Shelby to join the fun, you simply need to appreciate and enjoy these awesome cars. Many of our members joined the club to get help and gain knowledge before purchasing and / or restoring one these fine automobiles.

Our annual GHMA Stampede auto show, usually held in July, attracts over 100 Classic Mustangs and Shelbys, along with many more from later generations.

Note: Our annual Stampede is now an All years, All Ford powered car and pickup Show! Together with the GTAMC Mustang club, this is one of the premiere must attend auto events of the year in Ontario. Check our Stampede page for more details: All Ford Stampede Page

We participate as a club in several local shows and cruises, as well as out of town events such as the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise in Michigan and MCA National shows in different parts of the USA.

 Ford Mustang club

Join us for good fun, great people and lots of activities!

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