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6 Ford GTs at the Dorval QEW Cruise Night – August 9 2016


Ford GT’s the Anniversary cars from 2005/06

Steve contacted me about this terrific get together. He has been working to get all the owners and their vehicles out for a special night for a few years and it finally happened Tuesday August 9th 2016 at the QEW Dorval Cruise Night!


6 Ford GTs at Dorval show

“It was very awesome, never had 6 GT’s in one place at a time in Ontario! We drove together to the event and it was exciting, people waving, honking horns, taking video and pictures, had one guy in a BMW jumped the Q in front of me then swerved into other lane to get rear passenger to video the procession.

Sorry for short notice but this came together Monday afternoon, we even had to find a driver for the Blue car as the owner was busy, tough assignment. The cars range from 1,200 mile stock 550 HP to 25,000 mile 800+ HP whipple exhaust up grade.” – Steve.