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2018 Mustang Presentation – GHMA Guest Speakers Shannon White & Marco Dodaro. Ford HQ – Oakville Ontario.

Club meeting – Thursday September 14th 2017 at the Ford HQ in Oakville Ontario.

Our two guest speakers this month were Shannon White, Product Marketing Manager – Cars / EV and

Marco Dodaro Assistant Product Marketing Manager – Cars / EV from Ford.

Shannon & Marco gave a terrific presentation highlighting the many new features and innovations in both the 2018 5.0 GT & 2.3 L EcoBoost Mustangs.

Shannon has been a part of the team at Ford of Canada since 1999. She began her career as a Financial Analyst and has since had positions in sales, distribution, and marketing. Most recently, Shannon was the Marketing Communications Manager for Parts and Service where she was responsible for all customer communications from radio, TV, direct mail, and digital. In her current role, she and Marco are responsible for product marketing for all car lines as well as electrified vehicles.

On behalf of the GHMA – we would like to thank the Ford Motor Company, Shannon White & Marco Dodaro.


2018 Mustang - Shannon White & Marco Dodaro


2018 Mustang 112018 Mustang 92018 Mustang 52018 Mustang 2


2018 Mustang 4a

GT Interior – Paddle Shifter on telescopic steering column and Navigation system


2018 Mustang 4c


2018 Mustang 4d

Close up of the 10 speed Automatic Shifter


2018 Mustang 4b

Oooo .. the pretty lights… tons of buttons and settings


2018 Mustang 17a2018 Mustang 12


2018 Mustang 13

Trunk Release button

2018 Mustang 14a2018 Mustang 14b

Tire Inflator / Compressor in the Spare Tire area

2018 Mustang 152018 Mustang 16

Custom molded Subwoofer and close up of trunk lift cylinder

2018 Mustang 62018 Mustang 8

2.3L Ecoboost Engine … and hey you can stick your hand in between the tail lights…

2018 Mustang 182018 Mustang 7

Notice on both models: the top lense housing of the headlights are clear and see through!


2018 Mustang 10

I think George likes the GT 🙂


2018 Mustang - Shannon White2018 Mustang - Marco Dodaro


2018 Mustangs -5.0 GT & 2.3L Ecoboost


GHMA Guest Speakers

Professional Bio info:

Shannon White (

Product Marketing Manager – Cars / EV Ford Motor Company


Marco Dodaro (

Assistant Product Marketing Manager – Cars / EV Ford Motor Company