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How to Sign in, Renew or Become a GHMA Member


        Follow along as we guide you through this process.


From the Front Page

Note the Three main places to click on.


1 Member Login process



The “Member Login” on the Top Right of our front page is where existing Members Sign

in to Renew their GHMA Membership.












NOTE: Always verify that you are logged in by looking at the top right for your user name:







To become a New Member or Renew existing Membership:

Click on the “Membership” link on Top or “Become a Member / Renew” link to the Right.


1c Member Login process












The above links will take you to either of the following pages – click where shown:


4b Member Login process 3 Member Login process














Now it’s time to Fill in your information. Make sure to be as complete as possible:


5 Member Login process5a Member Login process













Please verify all your information.

Then Click on the “Paypal Checkout” button at  the bottom of the page

Note: If you do not have a Paypal Account you can also enter your

Credit card or Visa Debit info after clicking.



5b Member Login process



Now log into your Paypal Account.

If you do not have one, Click the “Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit” link

and complete the transaction.



7 Member Login process


 …. and that’s it. Welcome to the GHMA!