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Mosport 2016




Thanks to ALL the volunteers, participants and sponsor!

This year’s Mosport Event  was a blast. We’ll do it again next year.


Mustangs at Mosport

Mustangs at Mosport
Track Date: July 4th 2016



Important Update:

Please note the following –


1. Mandatory for drivers and passengers: Long sleeve shirts, long pants and proper fitting and tightly laced shoes. (No sandals or open toe for drivers and passengers.) This is a very important safety requirement! No one will be allowed to drive on the track if not dressed properly.

Bring a change of clothes. After the race, drivers & passengers can change over to more casual attire.

2. Passengers 18 yrs and older only. Because of new Track Insurance requirements. (No more younger than 18 passengers even if okayed and signed off on in previous years.)

3. Volunteers will be welcome to help out as the day progresses to give those on the early shift a break. So once drivers, passengers and guests are free, then please consider helping us out.

4. This is a closed Private track event. However, if friends show up to watch with the name of a participant or volunteer, they will be allowed in at no charge providing they sign all waivers.  This is NOT open to the general public. 



A Drivers Meeting was held on Tuesday June 21st at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM at the Ford Oakville HQ where we keep our Monthly GHMA meetings. All drivers and participants were asked to attend.

This “Pre-Event” drivers meeting was mandatory for all rookies. This meeting is a good review for all drivers. If you are a primary or secondary driver NEW to this event & missed this meeting, you will not be allowed to drive.


Sign up details and important Safety information now available:

Link to Mustangs at Mosport 2016 Primary Driver Registration Form

Link to Mustangs at Mosport 2016 Secondary Driver Registration Form

Link to Mustangs at Mosport 2016 Tech Inspection Form

Link to Mustangs at Mosport 2016 Shirt Order Form

Link to Mustangs at Mosport 2016 Rules


Monday July 4th 2016

 This is Track Day!

Make sure you are prepared and all participants should attend the Drivers Meeting on June 21st at the Ford Oakville HQ. More details are listed above and also check the Facebook page below.


social_facebookMustangs at Mosport Facebook Page Link



About this Event…..

This is an Open Lapping Day Event, put on and sponsored by the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association ( for Ford branded and powered cars only.

Our Open Lapping Day Event, is an opportunity for Mustang owners to run their cars around Canada’s most famous Grand Prix road course track, without the incredibly high costs normally associated with such an event, and the risks normally associated with road course racing.

This is NOT Racing, this is Open lapping !

What is Open lapping ?

  • it is not a timed event and we do not encourage timing
  • it is not a competitive event, there is no winner
  • we do not allow running wheel to wheel, or tail-gating
  • we split Drivers into 3 Groups, depending on skill level (not car capability)…. Slow, Intermediate & Fast

This event is about you and your car enjoying a famous road course track, at speed, with the benefit of skilled Instructors we provide, for fun and enjoyment, with a huge emphasis on safety.

There are many Rules to this event that you MUST make yourself very familiar with (see the “Mosport Rules” downloadable Document also on this website), and because of that we run a very safe event. This is not to say there is no risk. Putting your car, at speed, on any road course track involves risk, to you and your vehicle, but we do our best to minimize it. Of the 3 or 4 off-track incidents we have experienced over the 12  or so years of having this event, 100% of them were caused by driver error. So as such, you assume all risk to self & your vehicle, and any passengers. To attend you will have to sign several appropriate waivers to this effect absolving the GHMA, it’s organizers & staff, and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

To the beginner this can all seem overwhelming and intimidating – but a few times around with the professional Track Instructors and you will warm up, get the hang of things and become more comfortable as the day progresses.

If you have ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be on a race course, then this event will be an incredibly rewarding experience that will leave you tired, but very happy, with a knowing smile for months afterwards.

We hope you’ll join us- See you at the track !





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