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Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and everyone who attended this year!


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 *** Monday July 2nd 2018 ***

Note: Mandatory Drivers meeting for NEW drivers: Tuesday June 19th at 7:30 PM


Updated Info:

As always, I would like to thank all of our volunteers and instructors last year for their help.  I would also like to thank Gary Keilhauer from Donway Ford for his assistance in making Mustangs at Mosport happen, and all his donations over the years. Lastly I would like to thank you the drivers for making events like this happen.  I try to improve my organizing abilities each year with Mustangs at Mosport and I think last year was no exception!  

That being said… Mustangs at Mosport is a go for Monday July 2nd 2018!  The mandatory drivers meeting for new drivers will be held at Ford HQ – 2000 The Canadian Rd, Oakville, ON L6J 7G1, Tuesday June 19th at 7:30 PM (I want to stress the PM because we have had some drivers show up in the AM).

Pricing this year is:

$325 if paid by February 28th.

$350 from March 1st through April 30th.

$375 May 1st through June 30th, or $425 at the gate (assuming we have room).

A slight change this year will be pricing for new drivers to the event of $325 (provided payment is made before the mandatory drivers meeting for new drivers – Tuesday June 19th at 7:30 PM).  There are links to the forms at the bottom.  

Same as last year there is a technical inspection form to be submitted the day of the event.  The tech form needs to be completed prior to the event.  The intent is to make things as safe as possible for everyone involved.  If you feel you don’t have the competency to complete the technical inspection form yourself, you will need to take it to a mechanic.  There are many good performance shops out there to look over your vehicle (DaSilva Racing, D’sousa Performance, and Steeda are a few that come to mind). The idea of the technical inspection form is to increase the level of safety at Mustangs at Mosport. The tech inspection form cannot guarantee that your car is safe, but it will certainly aid you in preparing the car for the track.

Again, I would like to remind everyone that we are not race car drivers.  The intent and spirit of Mustangs at Mosport is to be able to have some fun with your car without getting arrested.  Mustangs at Mosport is not organized for people to go out and set the lap record at the track.   Please keep in mind that the Fast group is for instructors, guys that have a racing licence, and expert drivers.  The intermediate group is for the guy that has had multiple HPDE sessions at Mosport (I’m talking 10+ sessions here) and goes to the track multiple times a year.  If you have not had extensive HPDE training, have been to Mosport less that 10 times, you belong in the slow group (even if your car is putting out 800 rwhp)!  Mosport is about cornering grip not straight line speed.  An instructor in a properly set-up Ford Fiesta will put a novice driver in a Shelby Supersnake to shame at the track.  I can’t stress this enough, the driver mod is the best performance upgrade you can make! Please be aware everyone will be watching you, and if you are driving in a run group that is beyond your ability, you will be moved to a slower run group.  Mosport is a track that demands respect.  There have been many fatalities at the track.  It is not just the amateurs crashing at the track, it is the professionals too.  The difference between the professionals and the amateurs is the professionals get paid when they crash and the amateurs pay when they crash!


Please keep in mind that the people that put this event on are volunteers.  We do not do this to make money.  We do this because we enjoy it and there is nothing we love seeing more than Mustangs blasting around the track.  What disturbs us the most is seeing a beautiful Mustang wrecked (and then seeing it on Youtube).  



Ryan Bellamy

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