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Held at the Ford HQ in Oakville:
2000 The Canadian Rd, Oakville, ON L6J 7G1

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*** NEW *** 2018 Meeting Dates & Times:

Sunday January 14th 2018 1:30 PM
Sunday February 11th 2018 1:30 PM
Sunday March 11th 2018 1:30 PM
Sunday April 8th 2018 1:30 PM
Sunday May 6th 2018 1:30 PM
Thursday June 14th 2018 7:30 PM
Thursday July 12th 2018 7:30 PM
Thursday August 9th 2018 7:30 PM
Thursday September 13th 2018 7:30 PM
Sunday October 14th 2018 1:30 PM
Sunday November 11th 2018 1:30 PM
Sunday December 9th 2018 2:30 PM

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Dave's Mustang - Winter

Dave’s Mustang – Winter Storage


Seasonal Storage …

Here is an article by Rob Siegel from Hagerty discussing the “The Impending Winter Car Shuffle.”

“A three-month slumber is a blip on the radar as long as you keep the battery charged, but the gas can go bad and tires can flat spot if the car sits much longer than that. As you move from “months” to “years,” the gas tank rusts (at least the metal tank on a vintage car does), the brake and clutch hydraulics begin to dissolve into the brake fluid, and the rings start to stick to the cylinder walls…” Click here for more





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Upcoming Events


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GHMA Coffee Club: Our 15th season of Coffee Club with the GHMA.  Every Saturday Morning until May 12th 2018 at 8:30 am, some of us will meet at a restaurant, tell a few stories and have a few laughs with Breakfast to start the day off with our Mustang friends. GHMA members & friends are welcome. This year, Stan & Dave C. are doing it a bit differently in that we plan to move it around to give more members a chance to attend.  We’re starting this Saturday at Sunbeam Grill 2501 Hampshire Gate, Oakville, ON.,  I hope to see you there. – George O’ Hearn



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Introducing our new GHMA Executive for 2018:

GHMA Executive 2018

Left to Right: Membership: Mario Tulipano, Apparel: Ed Grzenda, President: Tyrone Fonseca, Secretary: Norm Malisani, Vice President: Stan-Lee Elsdon, Treasurer: David Cook


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Barrett Jackson Auction 1966 Shelby GT350 Protoype #001:

Chassis #SFM6S001 is a historic pre-production prototype. The very first 1966 Shelby GT350 built, it is documented in the SAAC Shelby American World Registry. It’s powered by a matching-numbers high-performance 289ci V8 engine and 4-speed T10 manual transmission. Conceived and built to homologate Ford’s wildly successful Mustang for SCCA competition, Carroll Shelby’s original GT350 exemplified Ford’s “total performance” mantra and conferred an unbeatable image on the trendsetting new Pony car… Read more here

(Thanks to Kevin K. for the heads up and link to this article… if anyone has anything they find interesting please feel free to send it to me. Rob)


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GHMA Charity Roundup 2017

Over the years the members of the GHMA, in association various charitable organizations, have come together to help and do our part for the community.

Thanks to long time member Steve Davidson from Whiteoak Ford for collecting the Toys.

The annual Toy Mountain drive (toys for kids and gifts for teens), distributed through the Salvation Army is now taking place. Please bring any unwrapped toys and gifts for teens to the November meeting.

Our Stampede 2017 was the most successful to date allowing GHMA to donate a total of $5500 to the following charities: Prostate Cancer Canada, the Kidney Foundation, the Kerr Street Mission, Halton Women’s Place and the Trillium Health Network.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the funds and the organizations we have donated to this year 2017 … continued click here


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GHMA Guest Speakers 2018 Mustang Presentation:

Club meeting – Thursday September 14th 2017 at the Ford HQ in Oakville Ontario.

Shannon White, Product Marketing Manager – Cars / EV and Marco Dodaro, Assistant Product Marketing Manager – Cars / EV from Ford.

Shannon & Marco gave a terrific presentation highlighting the many new features in both the 2018 5.0 GT & 2.3 L EcoBoost Mustangs… Click here for close up pictures and highlights from the meeting!


2018 Mustang - Shannon White & Marco Dodaro


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Stampede 2017 – GHMA & GTAMC

It was nice, hot and sunny. Thanks to all our Sponsors, volunteers and participants who made this a great show once again!

Many thanks to Mario & Linda Tulipano for the terrific pics. Here is a slideshow of the events… enjoy! Rob.



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Mustangs are our passion!

We drive them, race them, restore them, preserve them and just plain enjoy them. The Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association was originally started as a Classic Mustang club in 1995 by a core group of Classic Mustang enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years we have become an all years Mustang club and one of the largest Mustang club in Canada.

We participate in various events, car shows, travel, charities and much more throughout the year. If you interested in the car hobby, our many social events, then please feel free to attend one of our monthly meetings held at the Ford HQ in Oakville Ontario or Contact us for more info.


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