Since 1995

GHMA Monthly Meetings

Held at the Ford HQ in Oakville:

2000 The Canadian Rd, Oakville, ON L6J 7G1

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Next Meeting Date & Times:
Sunday November 13th – 1:30pm
Sunday December 11th – 2:30 pm

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GHMA Christmas Dinner – Check Your Email and Don’t forget to sign up!


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Upcoming Events


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December 11 Christmas Party after the meeting will return to the Quality Suites. This year the price will be $35 per person and will include a complimentary drink. Further details to follow at subsequent meetings. ***Check your email titled: “Our Christmas Party


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Mustangs are our passion!

We drive them, race them, restore them, preserve them and just plain enjoy them. The Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association was originally started as a Classic Mustang club in 1995 by a core group of Classic Mustang enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years we have become an all years Mustang club and one of the largest Mustang clubs in Canada.

We participate in various events, car shows, travel, charities and much more throughout the year. If you interested in the car hobby, our many social events, then please feel free to attend one of our monthly meetings held at the Ford HQ in Oakville Ontario or Contact us for more info.


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